Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stacey's Greatest Discovery

Once upon a time there was a gorgeous, witty, smart-as-a-whip gal named Stacey (I have taken some artistic liberties here, since it is my blog). She had a cousin who she had only ever known as the independent and sassy tom-girl from their brief encounters at family reunions every couple of years. They may have even shared a conversation or two when they found themselves attending the same university. The odd bit of news would trickle down from the grandparents- her cousin was living in Ireland. She's married now to an architect. One kid, then two, then three.

Then came facebook. If over time facebook becomes a distant memory in the minds of a techy society who has moved on to bigger and better social networks, Stacey will never forget what facebook gave her. She has made many world shattering discoveries in the last few years; Jian Ghomeshi, CBC Radio, Adriana Trigiani, Alberta steak, the Canadian Rockies, extra hot-no water-no foam-Tazo Chai-lattes, and blogging. But the best discovery ever -- was Jennie. The ultimate Sassy Woman.

Was it the blog that attracted Jennie to reach out and cross the awkward-small talk-boundary with Stacey? Whatever it was, she is grateful. Because not only has she strengthened a link in the family chain, but she has found a best friend that she never expected to find at this stage in her life. Now if only they could put their brilliant minds together and put their friendship to good use.. figure out how to afford bringing Stacey's family back to Ontario so that they can be real-life besties.

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