Friday, October 30, 2009

Beautiful Spaces

OK Stace,

I've got to get off the music posts or this will change into a "music I adore" blog. So, for a change of pace, the beauty of choice today is... ta da... spaces. Not surprising given that being married to an architect, "spaces" take up a more than usual amount of discussion. You've seen our house. It's 100 years old & it took over seven full size dumpsters and a concrete truck IN OUR YARD to get it where it is now. And there's still a long way to go until "The Vision" is fully realized. Unlike you, I don't have a master bedroom. Hell, I don't even have a bedroom door! One day, it will be my dream house. I'm willing to wait. In the meatime, I absorb every shred of our neighborhood that I love and we look at these places for inspiration. So, without further ado, here's some beauties to feed the imagination...

Hard to include more. Apparently architects copyright many of their photos. Go figure. So these are my dream spaces. Clean lines (clean period). Austere. Simple. Nice details. Lots of windows. Preferably nestled in the woods. Sigh..... Ever creating one of these spaces, despite my desire & Peter's skills, it's highly unlikely. So for now I enjoy looking at these residences as beautiful art that fuels my rich fantasy life. Am interested to know what your ideal home would be like. Jennie xo

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nellie and Blasphemy


Today I received an email from our cousin, Meaghan. She forwarded me this link and asked if I knew it was out. Did you know??

I hope she wouldn't mind me sharing this, but she says, "I am sure Grandma is turning over in her grave but I think I will still have to read this! One reviewer said Gilbert comes off as a bastard and possibly an adulterer.  Blasphemy!! I know having Nellie as a grandmother means you have to be Anne Shirley obsessed as well."

And yes- I am!  I don't know how I never heard about this release. This is from the publisher:

From the Publisher

Adultery, illegitimacy, misogyny, revenge, murder, despair, bitterness, hatred, and death-usually not the first terms associated with L.M. Montgomery. But in The Blythes Are Quoted, completed shortly before her death and never before published in its entirety, Montgomery brought these topics to the forefront in what she intended to be the ninth volume in her bestselling series featuring her beloved heroine Anne. Divided into two sections, one set before and one after the Great War of 1914-1918 …+ read moreAdultery, illegitimacy, misogyny, revenge, murder, despair, bitterness, hatred, and death-usually not the first terms associated with L.M. Montgomery. But in The Blythes Are Quoted, completed shortly before her death and never before published in its entirety, Montgomery brought these topics to the forefront in what she intended to be the ninth volume in her bestselling series featuring her beloved heroine Anne. Divided into two sections, one set before and one after the Great War of 1914-1918, The Blythes Are Quoted contains fifteen episodes that include an adult Anne and her family. Binding these short stories, Montgomery inserted sketches featuring Anne and Gilbert Blythe discussing poems by Anne and their middle son, Walter, who dies as a soldier in the war. By blending poetry, prose, and dialogue, Montgomery was experimenting with storytelling methods in ways she had never before attempted. The Blythes Are Quoted marks the final word of a writer whose work continues to fascinate readers all over the world.

I am almost giddy, I am so excited to read this. Another co-read? (this is a must-purchase and please don't tell me you are not a fan or we can't be friends. or related).

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last Music One (for now)


I am SO happy you included "Falling Slowly" on our playlist. Here at home, nearly 9:00pm. Long day at work, but house is now silent as I embark on my hours of reports. So to hear Glen Hansard & Markets Irglova - heaven, pure heaven.

OK, last music post (for a while) I promise. Still preoccupied with opera, I wanted to share a conversation I had with Ella when she was 4. We were winding our way up the DVP in the beloved long gone Subaru ( so cozy & compact & intimate nestled in that space together). I was listening to Puccini's Madame Butterfly & the following conversation ensued:

Ella: Mummy, why does she sound so sad?

Me: Well honey, she's upset because she loves someone & he doesn't love her back.

Ella: Why doesn't he love her back?

Me: (not wanting to launch into the whole complex storyline of Madame Butterfly to a 4 year old). I don't know honey, why do you think he doesn't love her?

....long pause while she looks out the window deep in thought....

Ella: Maybe he doesn't like her singing.

Now, two years on I'm happy to report she's an opera lover, but it took a while.

Monday, October 26, 2009

MUSIC con'd

Oohhhhh.... I could just talk music all blog long. Great plan adding the playlist at the bottom - love being surprised by other people's music selections. I feel like I make 10,000+ decisions a day, so to just have FINE FINE music selected by someone else soothing me (or energizing me as the case may be) is a HUGE pleasure.

So, our sound interests converge on Old Motown R&B. Yes, Otis Redding is divine: how can any woman NOT love Tenderness? Remember when Ducky plays it for what's her face in Pretty in Pink? Loads of great canadian musicians, I credit jian with frequently highlighting home grown talent. Still loving U2 - caught them in an impromptu concert on top of their hotel along the Liffey while walking home from work when we were in Dublin - such a thrill! Adele: thumbs up. Ben Harper, Jack Johnson - yes and yes. Jim Cuddy - seems like a great guy. Can you imagine having a song WRITTEN for you?!! It must be incredible - depending on what they say about you I suppose. The closest I ever came was having Peter (repeatedly) dedicate this song to me when trust was difficult for me

And then our (musical) paths divide. Country is just a no go zone for me. It makes me wince involuntarily & I can't even put my finger on why. I can listen to Dixie Chicks Shut up & sing because I saw the documentary & I loved their passion & willingness to speak their mind & not back down. But otherwise, I'm a no country gal. But opera & jazz are my standbys. I sat through Madame Butterfly by myself (alone amongst 100+ other people, but I went alone) with tears streaming down my face. So powerful. And jazz is what soothes me after a crazy day. Paired with a one of our huge John Rocha glasses filled with something red (think fermented grapes more than pomegranate juice) and the tension MELTS.

So in the spirit of attempting to win you over, have a listen....

And it has NOTHING to do with maturity, or I'd still be listening to Alvin & the Chipmunks! I'll throw in one more, just because....

Are you an MJ fan?


We are lovers of the MJ in this house (okay, I'm lying. But I needed to set this clip up).

Enjoy with sound.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Am feeling a little... I don't know. Forget what I'm feeling.

Have you seen the documentary, Autism the Musical?

I have probably seen it 5 times already and everytime I do, it brings out new emotions in me. I absolutely fell in love with the different kids it profiles.

Meet Lexi:

My heart aches.

My Go-To's

Jennie Dearest,

Okay. I've been MIA. But not in spirit. I have probably started this post about 15 times since Friday, but have been interrupted repeatedly. I laughed out loud when I read your musings that perhaps this had been my ploy to get you to write a blog of your own. Can't get anything past you,
SmartyPants! Although it isn't true, it is funny.


You asked what music I turn to. I have such a broad range of favourites and ultimately, I must say that I love everything but heavy metal, house or rap. I love anything acoustic and anything with an acoustic guitar has me in a puddle. I'm not mature enough for jazz or opera, but it has a good story to tell, I'm in. Stories are what I love about country. I have been a proud country-lover since I was a little girl and can handle the ribbing about it. Anything with soul; music that makes your heart bleed because you can hear the angst in the voice or the instrument. Old Motown R&B... Otis Redding is beautiful. I realize more and more how much I'm loving new folk and if I had the time or the freedom to hit the festivals every summer, I would be in heaven. I love so much that's Canadian and am happy to say that I don't just listen out of Canadian pride. Call & Answer has always been one of my favourites. One by U2 just makes my heart soar. Here For a Good Time by Trooper is a tacky tune that has me singing along at the top of my voice whenever I hear it. Adele's voice is pure heaven and Alison Krauss in an angel. Ben Harper, Paolo Nutini and Jack Johnson I can imagine singing to me on a balcony while sipping coffee and Jim Cuddy I can fall asleep to and dream sweet dreams all night.

I've inserted a playlist at the bottom of the blog. Send me an email if you'd like the login info to add your favourites to it.

If these walls could talk

Hey Stace,

You know what I love, really love? Discovering new things about people. I know, I know, it's as though since May all roads in my life lead back to CrossFit. One thing that I love about CrossFit is that when you're there, all that matters is that you give it your all, you don't whine and whimper (OK, sometimes I do whimper), and your support your fellow CFers.

Life outside the "box" doesn't really matter. We don't ask each other "so what do you do?" (meaning, for a living). We ask, "what's your Fran time?" or "What's your back squat?". So, sometimes it is a cool, refreshing surprise when I find out the careers of my CF brothers (or sisters) in arms. For example, consider Sara. In a flukey twist of fate I discovered in passing that she's a photographer. But not just ANY photographer (no sappy wedding shots here, thank you very much) but breathtaking landscapes (who knew Saskatchewan is so beautiful?! Do you think Duff, where our grandmas were born still exists? Do I smell a roadtrip? ) and - my favorite - abandonded spaces.

She has a beautiful series of the interior of the Don Jail here into Toronto and some of A sanitorium in saskatoon. These places are so old it makes me wonder about the lives that have passed through their doors, as inmates, as patients, as employees. I'd love to know their stories, what led up to their being admitted to these places, what their day to day existence was, what they thought about. The places look so sad and eerie. Take a look at Sarafied to see Sara's amazing work.

It reminded me of our Detroit expereince this past spring. Peter & I were driving with the girls to St. Louis for them to play princess for a day as flower girls in Eric's wedding. As we were passing through customs at the border in Detroit we saw this amazing, grand old tower block that was completely vacant. You could see right through the far off windows to the gutted interior. We assumed they were turning it into lofts, which would sell like hotcakes here in Toronto.

Driving through Detroit was so sad. Keep in mind, this is a post-Obama USA and there was very little evidence of any type of American dream I would want to be a part of. More houses/buildings were boarded up than I had ever seen. Streetlights were broken, buildings were broken, cars were broken down at the side of the road, even the people looked broken. It was the most sad, depressing place I have ever seen. This is in comparison to slums I've seen in "third world" countries where the people were poor by our standards, but incredibly happy and rich spiritually and closely connected to their families and communities. Would love to send Sara to Nepal to capture some wonderful photos of the monks, temples, sadhus and the Jomson Trek we did.

I later found out from my brother that there are TONS of completely vacant and abandoned buildings in Detroit. You can check them out at
Forgotten Detroit. Here's a preview...

Amazing, aren't they?! Again, I'd be interested in the back stories; knowing what these places were like in their heyday & what happened afterwards. One of my friends talked about going to underground punk parties in some of these buildings when they were inhabited by squatters. Seems creepy to me. I can't really fathom the desire to be so destructive, smashing things (reno of my house excepted) and leaving my mark via spraypainting. Interesting. Food for thought.

~ j. xoxoxoxo


Did you trick me into doing my OWN blog?!! I know, I know, you're kinda busy with the three boys & at least three other blogs. But I need you. All day long I have conversations by myself; talk to myself, answer myself, try to hear myself think over the racket of the fruits of my loins. No easy task. So, how about this... call & answer Bare Naked Ladies Style. Oh no... here I go again... was looking for the Barenaked Ladies video for call & answer, but the only one on youtube was with Alanis Morissette, which reminded me of her video for "Everything".

Alanis Morissette - Everything

sad_but_true64 | MySpace Video

Love her haircut here. Maybe when I get sick of the wild mop I'll do this again. Gives me a good excuse to play with fun little hair clips - why should Ella & Eve get all the fun with accessories?! OK... back to the point.

See, if it was my blog I would have had to name it "The Point" or maybe, "What's the point again?" or "Where was I going with that... ?". Oh ya, call and answer. I will ask things, and you can just fire back quickies when you don't have time to write.

So I'm on the hunt for some good flicks. Spending far too much time in my brain lately (and you know how crowded & chaotic it is in there), so I need some good films to rent. Did you check out Sio's music picks on one of the other posts. BRILLIANT. She's a fellow CrossFitter (and soon to be affiliate owner - woot! woot!). But I think she missed her calling as a DJ. Max heartily seconds that motion. So hit it chica, what flicks must I see?

~ j. xo

Friday, October 23, 2009

Must MUST read.'Nuff said.

Under the weather

Hey Stace,

WARNING: Numerous attempts to write a new blog post have resulted in me writing writing writing then deleting deleting deleting as I realize that I've become way off topic. Not once, but NUMEROUS times. So, what you're gonna get here is a little peek into how my scattered, chaotic mind works. Go pee, grab a beverage (adult or otherwise) and settle in.

Weather. What a boring, mundane, banal topic. It's the thing people talk about when there's nothing else to talk about. Yet somehow the weather has such an impact on my days. It determines the pace of my days & dictates the activities. Can we walk to school with the wagon, or do I need the stroller with rain cover? Where are the kids' raincoats? Rubber boots? No playing at the park means excess energy & certain insanity. Do I have enough wine in the house to survive a rainy cold day or is an LCBO run in order? I don't really think there's any such thing as "bad" weather. For example, consider the blizzard...

[let me introduce you to diversion #1... the hunt for snowy pictures]. Went to my favorite time waster
Sotheby's Realty to look for a picture of a cute wee cabin in the snow dusted woods. Apparently this is not the type if thing Sotheby's sells. Think more along the lines of monster homes in Aspen. Not what I'm after. Then came across this nice scene in our iPhoto, one of the Muskoka cottages peter designed. Complete with spa & sleeping quarters for the massage therapist, chef, and other "help". Why do they call it "help"? C'mon, "help" is what friends do for each other. When you're paying these people & treat them VERY differently than your friends, why don't you just call them "servants"? Because it's too politically incorrect? Seems like such a glossy euphemism. Blah blah blah. Anyway, here's the cottage, it's really quite lovely. Although I would be just as happy in the smaller sumptuous boathouse.

Still, it didn't quite capture what I was after. So I was thinking, hmmm.... snowy scenes from movies... how about this one from Edward Scissorhands

Not so much. So what other movie has a snow scene...


OK... this is so not conveying what I wanted. A GOOD feeling of coziness. Was going on to think about snowy weather, or cold, rainy autumn weather as the perfect excuse to curl up inside with a good book, goblet of wine (ya, maybe if I'm sitting in the window seat of my medieval castle, boobs bursting out of my bodice, gazing across the moors. But really, isn't goblet a great word?).

Which of course leads to diversion #2. The hunt for bursting bodice pictures. Which I would not DARE to google for fear of what would come up. Great movies that these scenes, complete with castles may be found in

If James Franco is too hard on the eyes (all that HAIR), just look away and spare yourself seeing him topless. Topless, funny, we never really refer to men without shirts as topless, do we? You know, if Maxwell had been a girl (which I fully anticipated) he was going to be named Phoebe Iseult. In keeping with the tradition that all the kids have Irish middle names (Saidhbhin, Liadan, Oisin). Badly wanted one of the girls to be named Aoife (EE-fa) or Niamh (Neeve). So, I figure Eve is about as close in english as we can get to those two.

Where the hell was I going with this?! Weather. Oh ya. Under the weather. Battling a cold all week (meant I had to miss two days of CrossFit - gasp!). Cannot stand it when people write about their colds on facebook. You know the ones who use their status as a platform to whine & whimper incessantly. BORING. Yes, I did blurt something about wanting a day in bed, but if it becomes a chronic condition please snap me out of it with a long-distance slap across the face. However, on the illness topic, got a recipe for a hot toddy? Think they work? What's your cold fix? A day (or three) in bed complete with books, tissue, hot waterbottle & lemsip is not an option with the little barbarians on the brink of a mutiny. Your head spinning yet? You've suffered enough my poor cousin. Thanks for visiting the inner workings of my mind (no wonder I can't get my house looking House & Home photo shoot ready!). ~ j. xoxoxoxoxox

Thursday, October 22, 2009

OK, I've already had two coffees, anymore and I'll be doing the jitter dance and staying up 'til 2:00am. But it's only 2:42 and I still have 8,986,764 jobs to do. So the sure recharger: fabulous music. Beginning with The Stars. How dreamy is her voice?!!! What music does it for you Stace? Any other sure fire energizers on these grey autumn days when crawling into bed isn't an option?

Who I Am


You've been asking. Because you're nosy like that..
What is life like now that the kids are in school. What does it look like for me.

On my other blog, I participated in a Writer's Challenge and thought that my 'poem' (if you could call it that. I think it's just an excuse to cover up my sentences that I'm too lazy to provide with punctuation) might answer those questions.

Write a poem describing who you are and/or who you are not.

When I wake up, I am comatose
I am a hand that slaps off the alarm
I am the foot that nudges my husband to get up
I am the zombie that brushes my teeth
I am running late

When I hit the kitchen, the switch has been flicked
I am a multi-tasker
I am the short-order cook
I am the fastest diaper changer, backpack-packer you've ever seen
I am a well oiled machine

When I get behind the wheel, I am Zen
I am lost in my head, lost in my internal daily planner
I am the voice that repeatedly tells Will to quit playing with the window
I am the voice that sings Sesame Street
I am the eyes in the rear-view mirror admiring my boys

When I get to the school, I am melancholic
I am sad to say goodbye
I am proud of where they are
I am the appearance of a Wonder Woman
I am putting on a good show, thanks to my well-behaved boys

Now I am alone.
Now I don't know who I am.
Without the chores.
Without the boys.
Without the husband.
Without the clock.
Who am I?

I am not afraid.
I am not depressed.
I am not bored.
I am not restless.
I am not searching.
I am not unsatisfied.

I am entering a new chapter
I am figuring it out
I am thankful to have this chance
I am going to take care of myself
I am determined to carve out my spot
I am on the path
I am proud
I am confident

When it's 2pm, I am Mom again
I am my children.

But I never forget that tomorrow at 10, I will work at figuring out who Stacey is, again.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

For a Friend,


Please indulge me.. I didn't know where else to post this for a friend. You may hate country, but the lyrics are so appropriate.

Artist: Wright Chely
Song: Shut Up And Drive
Album: Let Me In

Shut Up And Drive - Chely Wright

Shut up and drive
You don't know what you're talking about
He's not the one
You ought to know that by now
You've got one of those hearts
That keeps changing your mind
Your heart has a way of making you stay
So shut up and drive

Don't look in the mirror
He might have that look in his eyes
The one thats so strong
It strangles your will to survive
He's mastered the art
Of looking sincere
His eyes have a way of making you stay
Don't look in the mirror

I'm the voice you never listen to
And I had to break your heart to make you see
That he's the one who will be missing you
And you'll only miss the man
That you wanted him to be

Turn the radio on
To drown out the sound of goodbye
Blink back the tears
Show me you've still got your pride
Just get yourself lost
In a sad country song
Those guys that they play
Know just what to say
Turn the radio on.

I'm the voice you never listen to
And I had to break your heart to make you see
That he's the one who will be missing you
And you'll only miss the man
That you wanted him to be

Shut up and drive
Don't look in the mirror
Turn the radio on
Get out of here
Shut up and drive
Shut up and drive
Shut up and drive

Click HERE to watch the video.

Perfection Achieved

Haven't achieved the perfect CrossFit WOD, or the perfect life/work balance, and I'm still trying to figure out how to get the perfect Bobbie Brown "smoky eye" look without appearing as an aspiring hooker. But I have discovered Sweet Almandine and executed the PERFECT chocolate chip cookie recipe. After years of searching, I've found it. Others were too cakey or too crunchy or just plain dull. If I wasn't bleary eyed with exhaustion, I'd take a pic of what I produced. But instead, you can admire the photo on the blog - trust me when I say that mine look IDENTICAL (I kid you not!) and the taste... mmm...... you'll have to whip up a batch yourself (or grab the next flight to TO before they disappear!).

Can't Let Go

A picture says a thousand words...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Must See

Now THIS is a goody. An absolute must see.
Happy Go Lucky .

It saddens me that Poppy is just a character, thus completely obliterating any chance that she can be my friend. She is lovely and flakey and full of life. She is full of compassion and free from judgement. Everyone in her world is equal and deserves respect: a schoolyard bully, a homeless man with mental illness, her demented driving instructor. This excellent review articulately explains the finer subtleties of the movie and eloquently summarizes all that I love about the film. It's in my top ten. If you need a feel good flick this weekend Stace, this is it. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tragedy & Revelations


Hmmm…. Long day. Work day #2 of 2. But it wasn’t the hours that made me worn out & weary. Over the weekend, the 20 something year old son of one of my colleagues was in an accident. As serious accident. He was airlifted from cottage country to a major urban trauma centre. A chunk of his skull was removed to relieve the pressure of swelling & he is now in a medically induced coma. It is unclear if he will survive, or what that life may look like. I can think of little else right now.

I remember back to my kids’ most serious injuries: carseat (with infant in it) tipping off the island, landing upside down on the stairs. Lots of screaming (his) and a bloody nose. I so clearly remember the sense of panic. All three have cartwheeled down the stairs & the bumpity bump bump thud is stomach churning. But to have your child in hospital, in ICU, hooked up to monitors and drains and intubated and having conversations with neurosurgeons… I can’t fathom it. My heart and prayers go out to this mum who must be so terrified and distraught.

As I drove home last night, in the dark, with the far off city lights of skyscrapers and the CN Tower beckoning, I thought of our blog. It suddenly seemed so indulgent and frivolous in comparison to such tragic news. “What the hell are we doing?!” I thought to myself. But then slowly, I had this revelation…. This tragedy taught me that the blog IS important. It is about valuing life and not just sleepwalking through my life. It forces me to consider things differently, to reflect on things more, and to open myself up to the idea of risking judgement to share those thoughts. To search for art and beauty and humor and inspiration, because none of us know when it could all end. My career is powerful and fulfilling and I like to think that it effects change. But often times it is heavy and saturated with sorrow and anguish. Being a mother is mighty and satisfying, but it is also about giving and being selfless and rarely having my own time to reflect and indulge. Being a wife is one of my greatest joys, but my bright, creative husband does not like to deconstruct books and movies and songs to look for the meaning and richness and multi-layered textures.

So perhaps this is the space to explore meaning through creativity so that my life, and the people who share this space with me, will have some precious bits of beauty, be it books, songs, movies, works of art, food, or even a fine, fine pair of well crafted Frye boots to enjoy. And to feel connected to each other, even when 2100 miles separate us.

Sleep well.

Jennie xo

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ian Brown’s The Boy In the Moon


This morning on the Q, I listened to an interview with Ian Brown, who has released a new book The Boy In the Moon: A Father's Search For His Disabled Son

Boy in the Moon 

I haven't read it yet, but now it's on my TBR list (To Be Read). Some of the interview was quite shocking, or should I say, disturbing. He talks about his moments in parenting where he felt pure despair. Of helplessness at the sheer magnitude of how much work was involved in raising his son, Walker. He described moments where he contemplated suicide and considered flying his son with him out West, to end their lives. Then the thought of all the stuff he would be lugging with him through an airport, the contraptions and apparatus that assist with Walker’s disability, the sheer exhaustion in transporting them all to another place, that if he could survive that experience, then he could survive anything.

 I can relate to that feeling. Not the suicide. I have truly never even considered that life could be so difficult or bleak to choose that route. But the feeling of that gigantic mountain of tasks, of logistical planning & scheduling, of never-ending obstacles and of navigating the minefield of administrative details that go hand in hand with parenting children with disabilities, those are feelings I can relate to.  Not to mention the years of never having a full night’s sleep, a way of life that J and I hope to never go back to.

I remember when the twins were still small enough to be carried in the infant car seats. Jake was only 19 mos old when they were born, so he was but a little toddler who still wanted to be carried when we went out. I remember thinking about the morning ahead, when I would have to drive Jake to his morning pre-school. The thought of how I would pack up the three kids and physically manage the carrying of them all to the car, with all their stuff, all while trying not to leave anyone unattended (impossible task!) – I was exhausted before even having left the house! I constantly debated not even going out, just because the job seemed so great. This of course, was even before the manifestations of their autism had really impacted our daily lives.
Had I known then, what we would be up against and how much more difficult life would get, I probably would have considered running away. But as you know, Jennie, bailing isn’t an option. You push up your sleeves, no matter how tired you are, no matter how sad or emotionally spent, and you get the job done. Even if the hubbies stand outside as bystanders while we do the gritty stuff, we know it has to be done, so we do it.

I am anxious to read this book. I respect Brown’s honesty and frankness in talking about the feelings that most of us parents don’t want to acknowledge because it would feel like a betrayal to our ‘disabled’ children.

 I also found this link about the book:
The Globe and Mail

Wanna do a co-read?
S. xo

Monday, October 12, 2009

Not so funny anymore

OK. Here we are on attempt #3,450,898,734 to post this piece which doesn't seem so funny anymore so I'm going to be brief.
(my) Prize for funniest, most irreverent CBC radio program is.... drumroll please....


Did that work?


Umm.... very embarrassing to admit publicly, but I cannot make this work. Better come show me.

Blog Tips & Tricks

You have no idea how excited I am to have you with me in the blogging world!

Here is the way to embed a link into your text so that you don’t see all the code:

When you write your blog post, click on the Edit HTML tab on top. Let’s pretend I want to write the sentence,

For a great laugh, check out Jennie.

*and we want ‘Jennie’ to be the word that links to the following web address:

Cut and paste the following code; you will use it all the time:

<a href="http://URL" target="_blank">TEXT</a>

Now insert the link you want to link to, by replacing “http://URL”

ex: <a href="" target="_blank">TEXT</a>

Now insert the text you want to hide the link behind, by replacing TEXT

ex: <a href="" target="_blank">Jennie</a>

For a great laugh, check out Jennie.



Body Composition - this time there's an audience

Stace -

Forgot to tell you I was at an amazing CrossFit Nutrition Certification last weekend. A whole day of talking gluten free, dairy free, Paleo diet with guru (and funny as all get out, mad scientist) Robb Wolf. He had tons of well grounded, peer reviewed research explaining the links between inflammation & gluten/dairy. Loads of very useful info (and the science behind it) on his website:

and on the Paleo website:

Need you to teach me how to integrate these links into the blog.

Signed up for the "Body Composition Contest" at CrossFit: Pay $25.00. Get weighed & have measurements taken (ugh). It all ends November 30th when we are reweighed, remeasured & the person who's body composition has improved the most (lost fat, gained muscle, not just weight lost) wins the kitty. So, after my ultra-indulgent weekend of mennonite-made ambrosiac (is that a made up word?) peasant bread, turkey sandwiches, Dufflet's pumpkin tarts (my idea of heaven), and many glasses of Pelee-Island shiraz I'm going hoist my heavier-than-three-days-ago arse back onto the Paleo wagon & roll with it in a serious way. I want a new wardrobe (too many of those "I have NOTHING to wear!" days) and I have no other way of financing such an indulgence. Will bore you with my progress & hopefully post some Paleo recipes links.

Wish me luck!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cuppas & Billy Bob Arsehole

Dearest Jennie,

Just look at that mug. Can you imagine if we were neighbours? Tuck the kids into bed. Leave the husband to hold the fort with the remote in hand and pop over to the other's house for a cuppa. Or even better, for a glass of merlot.

I've been enjoying this new show starring Courtney Cox, called Cougartown. The show itself is pretty tacky, but it has its moments. The main character and her best friend live next door to each other. They spy on each other through their windows, then gab about what  they saw in their following conversations. Now I think that would be too close, but the idea of having that friend that knows your business so that you don’t have to spend a ton of time explaining your back-story, appeals to me.

I know you’re not keen and you don’t think anyone cares about what you have to say, but I do. I figure this is as good a place as any to yap about all the stuff that my husband would make fun of; the arts, our travel fantasies, our latest trials and tribulations  or about something we heard on the CBC.

Speaking of the CBC. I know this is way out-dated, but I just finally watched the Jian Ghomeshi interview with Billy Bob Thornton:

Oh my Lord… what the hell?? I haven’t really done any googling to see if he ever publicly apologized afterwards or if there was talk of it all being a publicity scam. What was your take of it? He’s a jack-ass. That’s my take. Besides not being respectful to Jian, he was an arsehole to all Canadians with his comments, with no remorse. I just can’t get over it.

We are celebrating our Thanksgiving tomorrow and I believe you told me you are celebrating yours today. Let me tell you what I am grateful for this year:

1. To have found such a kindred spirit in you: start designing the tattoo: “grand-daughters of sisters”

2. To have made another re-connection in Nan’s family; I know she’s looking down and is “pleased as punch” at our new friendship.

3. That I’ve found another mom of three to commiserate and rejoice with.

Happy Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to share another cuppa with you. xo